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Quiet Shopping Hours

A Private Shopping Experience for kids with Special-Needs at The Elly Store

Together with The Elly Store re-branding and launch of our new website, we have decided to offer “Quiet Hour Shopping” to our little community of shoppers. “Quiet Hour Shopping” means we will open the store for an extra hour and a half on two days of each month to privately serve our little customers with special needs; special hours where the store is open only to disabled/autistic/special needs children.

All kids have their own quirks. Especially so for a special-needs child. Some ordinary shopping experiences such as heavy crowd, loud music, overly bright lights and too much choice, might be really distracting or annoying for both parent and child.

And that’s not including things like other people staring and being nosy, or staff not having the time to serve you whilst you’re trying to shop for your child.

In order for you to have a positive shopping experience, Quiet Hour Shopping would mean your child would have:

  • Privacy
  • Individual, undistracted service
  • Ambience-creation


Welcome to The Elly Store

What we can do during your shopping experience is give you one-on-one service and our general advice on what we know works for certain foot shapes or functions. As for clothes shopping, take the time to compare sizing whilst we amuse or watch over your child. We’ll be like your extra hands and eyes.

Our store does not carry specialized products for disabilities. The shoe brands we carry include:

  • Pediped
  • Livie and Luca
  • Bobux
  • Old Soles
  • Duvic
  • Converse

The variety we have in store is curated carefully for a range of function, design and most importantly comfort. We always strive to choose shoes that are quality-centric and sensitive to little feet.


A wide range of shoes

We’d like to stress that we are no medical experts – just patient, cheery people who would like to offer you our undivided time and attention during that period, which is why we are going to have special private opening hours by appointment only on:

  • Tuesday, 16th May 2017 (7:00pm – 8:30pm)
  • Saturday, 20th May 2017 (8:30am – 10:00am)


Creating a calm environment

Please send us an email to book your slot so we can ensure we have sufficient team members working that day. We will try to tailor your experience if you’d share with us your concerns (e.g. if you only want your child to get a blue sandal, we’ll pull out all the styles in his size).

Slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis for now, as we try to see how we can accommodate everyone’s requests in the future.

Every child is special, and we can’t wait to meet yours!


x, The Elly Team


Our 5th Birthday Shoe Sale!


We turn 5 on March 4, 2017. Just like that.

I was just reading through one of my old blog posts (“A lookback on our first year“) and feeling nostalgic. Since our move to the bigger store in November 2015, we’ve been indulgent in celebrating two birthdays a year – in March when we first moved into #02-29 and in November when we shifted to our current double unit!

In the second quarter of this year, we will be unveiling a new website, new packaging and style – a fresh new look for this 5th birthday! We’re really excited about that!  But just as we’re trying to work on these behind the scenes, we’re keeping up with activities going on in-store as well.  We have to make space in our store and warehouse for new Spring/Summer ’17 arrivals, particularly for the many shoe brands we carry!

So, for our 5th birthday, we’ll be having a shoe sale at our Cluny Court store for six of the brands we carry.  Enjoy 30% off past collections from sizes EU 19 to Eu 36 (yes, even your tweens will be able to find shoes to take on their March school holidays)!

1. Old Soles

Time to stock up on your favourite styles such as Sienna sandals (in white, silver, navy, blossom)!


Other sandal styles such as Nevanas, Fiestas, Capreses will also be on sale!


If you’re a fan of the Cruise and Brule ballet flats, you’ll be pleased to know the classic colours such as silver, gold and pearl will be on sale! We think these flats make great dress-up shoes!


2. Saltwater Sandals

Selected Saltwater Sandals will be on sale including  and especially classic styles such as sweetheart sandals and surfer sandals! If you’re a fan of Saltwaters, this is the perfect time to pick up a pair or two!


3. Converse


A wide range of Converses will be on sale! You can find high tops for your tweens (largest size US3) or sneakers for the little ones to run around in!

4. Natives

Limited last pieces of Native shoes will be going on sale!


5. Livie and Luca

Lil E wore her Livie & Luca Pio Pio shoes in Japan and they were such sturdy, reliable shoes throughout her trip!



6. Pom d’api

It’s the first time Pom d’apis will be on sale in our store! Enjoy 30% off the full collection!



As a bonus, grab a pair of Meduse sandals for $15 to wear to the beach, for skate scootering or just hanging out on weekends!


As these brands’ past collections are at the end of their season, not all sizes will be available so we do advise you to come early to grab the sizes you’re looking for. Our full range will be launched on Friday and we will not be topping up any styles during the weekend.

Birthday Shoe Sale (3 – 6 March 2017)

Store opening hours:

Friday 3 March 2017: 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday 4 March 2017: 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday 5 March 2017: 10 am to 6 pm

Monday 6 March 2017: 10 am to 7 pm


The Elly Store is at #02-31 Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760.

Do note that on Thurs 2 March, our shoe section will be closed to set up for the sale!

See you there!

x, Audrey


Pre-GSS Online Sale starts 9 p.m. Tues 17 May

Pre GSS Online Sale 1

The Great Singapore Sale this year starts on 3rd June 2016, which is a little late for parents with school-going children who will be rushing off for their holidays by the 28th May weekend!

We thought we’d run a Pre-GSS online so you have time to shop for things you might on holiday (like shoes) and be able to receive everything well ahead of your holiday!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s going on sale tomorrow!

 (1) Old Soles Pre-Walkers shoes: 30% off

If your toddler is just about to start walking, you can stock up on these pre-walker soft soles! Over 15 styles going on sale!

(2) Polar Bear collection of PJs, hoodies and onesies: 30% off

These make great gift for friends you’re visiting in the Southern Hemisphere for their babies to keep warm this winter!


(3) Cheongsam in Home and Blue Japanese Fans: 40% off

Perfect time to stock up on racial harmony day outfits or bring a touch of Singapore to the overseas friends you’re visiting in June!

CS Home 1

CS Blue fans large

(4) Last pieces of Twinkle dresses, Tinkerbell dresses and Little Man Shirts: 30% to 40% off

(5) Bunny Skittles Set: 40% off

Ooh-so-cute skittle set in gorgeous floral prints for your toddler to play ball with!

bunny skittles LARGE

(6) Buntings: 30% off

To decorate your child’s bedroom with bright colours and a bit of fun!

nautical bunting 3

(7) Nautical Cushion: 30% off

sailing boat pillow 1

(8) Converse classic collection: 20% off


(9) Selected colours of Brule ballet flats: 20% off

brule distressed navy 1


For the first time, we’ve now created categories for the older children (especially those who have outgrown Elly) from age 6 to 12 years to showcase what we sell at our sister store, Twelve by Elly. Through running Twelve, we’ve discovered that the tween age group isn’t an easy one!

Boys between 6 to 12 years just want to fit in and not stand out at that age. They want  comfortable clothing which are not too kiddy and not too grunge. So at the store, we stock mainly tees and good quality solid bermudas because that’s like their weekend “uniform”. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to grab these cool Skate Society tees at 40% off online.

Skate Society Fly White Tee LargeSkate Society Logo Grey Large

I find tween girls (especially between 6 to 8 years) the difficult age group to try to figure out! They are trying so hard to be like their older sisters or the older “cool” girls they see in school and wear big girl clothing but the teen styles don’t suit them yet.  Having said that, they would still pick pretty purples (because pink is for babies) and other sweet prints over the cool prints. For awhile it was challenging to try to understand the children in that age group in order to stock things they would want to buy.  We decided that the best way was to design for them, so we created Salted Caramel clothing.  Whereas Elly is about pretty prints, the Salted Caramel girl is very much an individual who dresses up comfortably and fits in however she chooses – she can be in a sporty skirt and ballet flats or sneakers and be herself.  Salted Caramel was inspired by Lil S because as she grew, we realised she didn’t just want pretty dresses or tulle skirts, she was finding her own self in Primary 1 and it spoke in how she chose her own clothes. We’re releasing Salted Caramel for the first time online, and the best part is you can shop for them at 30% off.

petal yellow Top 1

Smile orange 2

sports skirt navy grey 1

Wow, didn’t realise how long this post was going to be but that does mean there are a lot of things to check out tomorrow! Whilst you’re surfing the new OLDER GIRLS and OLDER BOYS category, don’t forget to check out the accessories and shoes and other bits which aren’t on sale so you can get a better idea of what Twelve by Elly is all about!

See you online at 9 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday 17 May)!

x, Audrey

Pediped Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Originals_SalomeWhiteMulti (PED02_0334).jpg


Grip_JoshuaNavyGrey (PED03_0758).jpg


pediped adventure sandals

Pediped’s new collection was launched last month and best of all, these ever-popular machine washable sandals are back new colours! After running on muddy ground on hikes or school excursions, selected styles such as our all-time favourite adventure sandals can be thrown into the wash!  For best results, wash shoes alone in cold water, on gentle cycle.

If you’re travelling during the June holidays, you might be looking for some light covered-toe shoes for all the walking you and your family will be doing! Come by and feel how light the Pediped shoes with their Ultra Light Technology™ to support kids’ feet in all activities while remaining light as air!

You can read more about the benefits of Pediped shoes here!

The Elly store at Cluny Court stocks the three ranges from Pediped – Originals, Grip and Go and Flex range, in sizes up to EU33.

x, Audrey

Livie and Luca

We’re pleased to be a stockist of Livie & Luca shoes!

Livie & Luca was founded in 2005 by San Francisco Bay Area residents and co-owners Mitzi Rivas and Amie Garcia. They incorporate brightly coloured leathers, bold designs and playful details that capture the essence of childhood! The shoes are inspired by nature, travels, and vintage designs and their comfortable construction allows kids to navigate playgrounds, city streets and dirt pathways with style and ease.

Livie & Luca strongly believes in supporting their community and each year, they partner with a local organisation to better children’s lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are also involved in the “Changing the Face of Beauty” movement which strives to have children of all abilities represented in media.


Nova PAir

Pio Pio Blue LARGE

Taffy Peach LARGE

Sailor Blue Pair

CartaII blue LARGEDid you know this pair of Carta shoes (pictured above) holds a secret on the inside: an old-fashioned love letter Mitzi penned to her daughter, Maya, printed on the fabric and lining the inside of the shoe. This letter speaks to the hearts of all mothers with daughters, a letter of celebration, of love, of admiration for your girl, just as she is, and for the woman she will become. 

We simply love the details and inspiration behind their collection! You can now shop Livie & Luca online as well!

Elly now has one of the largest collections of kids’ sandals from a variety of brands including Saltwater sandals, Old Soles, Pediped, Bobux and Pom d’api. Drop by our store at Cluny Court this weekend to take a look!

x, Audrey

Happy Christmas Shopping!

Enjoy Christmas shopping with FREE gift wrap for all courier deliveries until 14th December 2015 (inclusive)!


Just leave us a message with your purchase and we’ll get your item wrapped in one of our three gift boxes! Remember, you have to opt for courier delivery in order to enjoy free gift wrapping!

(Do note that we will not be wrapping items sent via registered mail.)

Here’s a look at what you can choose from!

For starters, Jellycats. Which child doesn’t love stuffed toys for Christmas!!??  Enough said.


If you’d like to treat a little fashionista to some cool winter wear, how about a furry vest for her to bring on holidays?

fluffy 21

website white fluffy 5

website pair fluffy 2

If you’re looking for something more useful, how about Old Soles pre-walkers for little ones learning to walk?  You can find something pretty for the girls or sporty for the boys!

old soles pre walkers

If you need ideas on what you can put together as a set, look at our gifting section! We’ve got great gift sets for newborns! And the best part, we keep refreshing our gift sets so you always have new choices!

angelic baby boy large

How about a ballerina gift set for a pretty little girl?

halloween girls 1

There are lots more to choose from online so Happy Christmas shopping from all of us!

x, Audrey

Shoe Health Part 1 – Pediped

We start our series on Shoe Health to give you more information about the brands of shoes we sell in our store. First up – pediped® footwear!

pediped® OriginalsGrip ‘n’ Go, and Flex have been officially recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as being beneficial for children’s growing feet. Their shoes were among the first children’s footwear to be awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development.

pediped® comes in 3 ranges:

  • Originals
  • Grip ‘n’ Go™
  • Flex

Originals is available in 3 sizes in our store: S for 6 to 12 months, M for 12 to 18 months and L for 18 to 24 months. We use the age only as a gauge because we find that some girls have smaller feet and can still fit size S even after 1 years old. So it’s best to measure your child’s foot size and see which size fits best. (Tip: If it’s a challenge to go shopping with your young child in toe, you can measure your child’s foot with your palm when you shop without him/her!  We offer a 14-day exchange policy at our store so if the size doesn’t fit when you bring it home to try, you can come back swap it for the correct size.)

One of our earlier posts talked about why soft sole shoes are good for your child, mainly because they mimic barefoot walking. Like all soft-sole shoes, Pediped Originals are flexile and will not constrict your toddler’s foot growth. The added advantage it has is that unlike those with suede or cloth soles, these Originals are extremely easy to clean. Take a damp cloth and simply wipe the sole clean after a walk in the park!


Pediped original

Grip ‘n’ Go™ include all the benefits of Originals® but also have special G2 Technology™, which includes a soft rubber sole, rounded edges that mimic the shape of a child’s foot, heel stability, and a soft toe box to allow toes to grip the floor. Grip ‘n’ Go™ provide active toddlers with the ideal combination of protection and flexibility as they improve their walking ability.  The Grip ‘n’ Go™ range is available in sizes EU19 to 23. Do note that not every child may wear the Grip n Go series because some children go from Originals straight to Flex systems (since there is an overlap in size between Grip ‘n’ Go and Flex shoes).


Pediped GG


3 reasons why parents like the Flex system:

  • Flex Fit System™: Most Flex® styles include this system which provides a customizable fit with the use of additional insoles. These insoles can be inserted for a snugger fit at the beginning and then removed as the foot grows. They reduce the shoe size by half a size and that extends the life of a pair of shoes up to two months! The Flex® styles which do not come with insoles are the open toe designs (i.e. sandals) and the adventure sandals such as these:

11110881_10152719998672133_6121334573830537838_n    11261818_10152719998607133_7461170862194385531_n

  • Machine Washable: Yup that’s correct. After running on muddy ground on hikes or school excursions, selected styles such as our all-time favourite adventure sandals can be thrown into the wash!  We recommend that you remove all insoles and put the shoes in a laundry bag before tossing it into the machine. Do not use bleach. For best results, wash shoes alone in cold water, on gentle cycle. Look for the “Machine Washable” sign on the tag when you’re choosing the designs!


  • Memory Foam Technology™ – a memory foam insole that shapes perfectly to a child’s foot, thus acting like a custom insole and supporting the foot in all the right places. MFT™ also provides excellent absorption, prevents foot slippage in the shoe and improves the fit of every shoe. MFT™ is available in select Grip ‘n’ Go™ (for active toddlers) and Flex® (for confident walkers).


pediped designs tend to be bright, colourful and great for children who just want to have fun in their shoes.  Children who started with Originals tend to grow up with pediped and we totally can see why!

*Photo credit: Pediped Singapore

x, Audrey