A lookback on our first year

Come this Sunday, it will be one whole year since the Elly store’s grand opening on Sunday, 4 March 2012! It has been an amazing one year, although it feels more like five! We have been overwhelmed with lovely Chinese New Year pictures of your beautiful children in Elly cheongsams and shirts on whats app, smses, emails and facebook and we love to see every single one of your pictures so please do keep them coming! We spotted two children in Great World City in our CNY togs on the third day of CNY and were so chuffed! Really supportive friends also told us they spotted children wearing Elly and shopping in Paragon and Taka! It is the absolute coolest thing to see random sightings of children wearing Elly clothing in town and when our friends told us about their sightings, I swear we even wanted to run down to Paragon to see more Elly sightings ourselves!

At anniversaries and birthdays, I always get all nostalgic about the past. Did you know how our store used to look like in February 2012?


Yup it was spartan! This was when our furniture and stock hadn’t all arrived but still we had to open for business since we had to start paying rent. Some shelves only had two (yes two!!) toys on the ENTIRE shelf whilst we were waiting for more stock to arrive! We were short of spotlights in the store so everything on the cupboards were in shadows. We were still hunting for the sideboard for the back of the store. We had not enough storage space for all our stock! Our paper bags hadn’t arrived and even our cashier counter top looked spartan!

Today, our store has at least 15 times more stock and brands than when we first opened! We carry fabulous gems for children such as shoes, jelly sandals, cuddly toys, handmade dolls, wooden push toys, step stools, beanbags, tees, hooded towels, soothers, musical pulls, art frames, playhouses, jewellery and hair accessories, and of course, a much wider range of Elly clothing. We are very grateful to our other brand partners for trusting us to sell their beautiful products in our lil’ store in this past year.

img-low res-3

img-low res-28

Much as I complain about the mundane stock take and price tagging we seem to be constantly inundated with, there is much about this business that brings me great joy that cannot be described in a blog post. You kinda have to see the look on our faces that day at Great World City when we spied two children from different families in our clothes. It cannot be bought by high salaries in a Raffles Place office on a cushy Herman Miller chair with a sea view.

So, to celebrate our first year, we’ll be launching a brand new collection this SUNDAY 3rd MARCH 2013 10 a.m. and just for one day only, we will be offering a 15% discount off all Elly clothing (including the new collection), Bellio shoes, WWF tees, Pebble and Best Year toys! Read more about our new collection in the next blog post!

x, Audrey


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