Our 5th Birthday Shoe Sale!


We turn 5 on March 4, 2017. Just like that.

I was just reading through one of my old blog posts (“A lookback on our first year“) and feeling nostalgic. Since our move to the bigger store in November 2015, we’ve been indulgent in celebrating two birthdays a year – in March when we first moved into #02-29 and in November when we shifted to our current double unit!

In the second quarter of this year, we will be unveiling a new website, new packaging and style – a fresh new look for this 5th birthday! We’re really excited about that!  But just as we’re trying to work on these behind the scenes, we’re keeping up with activities going on in-store as well.  We have to make space in our store and warehouse for new Spring/Summer ’17 arrivals, particularly for the many shoe brands we carry!

So, for our 5th birthday, we’ll be having a shoe sale at our Cluny Court store for six of the brands we carry.  Enjoy 30% off past collections from sizes EU 19 to Eu 36 (yes, even your tweens will be able to find shoes to take on their March school holidays)!

1. Old Soles

Time to stock up on your favourite styles such as Sienna sandals (in white, silver, navy, blossom)!


Other sandal styles such as Nevanas, Fiestas, Capreses will also be on sale!


If you’re a fan of the Cruise and Brule ballet flats, you’ll be pleased to know the classic colours such as silver, gold and pearl will be on sale! We think these flats make great dress-up shoes!


2. Saltwater Sandals

Selected Saltwater Sandals will be on sale including  and especially classic styles such as sweetheart sandals and surfer sandals! If you’re a fan of Saltwaters, this is the perfect time to pick up a pair or two!


3. Converse


A wide range of Converses will be on sale! You can find high tops for your tweens (largest size US3) or sneakers for the little ones to run around in!

4. Natives

Limited last pieces of Native shoes will be going on sale!


5. Livie and Luca

Lil E wore her Livie & Luca Pio Pio shoes in Japan and they were such sturdy, reliable shoes throughout her trip!



6. Pom d’api

It’s the first time Pom d’apis will be on sale in our store! Enjoy 30% off the full collection!



As a bonus, grab a pair of Meduse sandals for $15 to wear to the beach, for skate scootering or just hanging out on weekends!


As these brands’ past collections are at the end of their season, not all sizes will be available so we do advise you to come early to grab the sizes you’re looking for. Our full range will be launched on Friday and we will not be topping up any styles during the weekend.

Birthday Shoe Sale (3 – 6 March 2017)

Store opening hours:

Friday 3 March 2017: 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday 4 March 2017: 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday 5 March 2017: 10 am to 6 pm

Monday 6 March 2017: 10 am to 7 pm


The Elly Store is at #02-31 Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760.

Do note that on Thurs 2 March, our shoe section will be closed to set up for the sale!

See you there!

x, Audrey


Presenting our CNY 2017 collection – Spring


Photo credits: This campaign was shot by the talented Maryann with the help of her team from The Studio Loft

Our Cheongsams in 8 fabrics



Our Mandarin-collared shirts in 7 fabrics


MC Turquoise Gingko Leaf FB.jpgmc-cherries-fbmc-red-pandas-fbmc-blue-pandas-fbmc-popsicles-fbmc-blue-satsuki-fb


Our Bermudas in 5 fabrics


Bermudas Yellow FB.jpgbermudas-chambray-fbbermudas-red-fb


Our Baby Rompers in 3 fabrics (expected delivery date – 2nd week of Jan 2017)

Baby Romper Pandas.jpg

Baby Romper Red FB.jpg

Our Flare Cheongsams in 7 fabrics



Our Sarah dress in 4 fabrics



Our Twinkle dress in Blue Satsuki


Our Tinkerbell dress in 2 fabrics  (At the time of this post, the Tinkerbell in Pink Yinghua was not available yet)


Our Halter Tops in 2 fabrics and White Pantshalter-top-turq-gingko-leaf-fbhalter-top-fuchsia-gingko-leaf-fbwhite-pants-fb

Our Ladies’ Tops in 4 fabrics



The Sibling Sets and how to wear the collection

We always create a collection to provide you with options to mix and match the cheongsams and dresses without having to buy identical designs!

If you’ve got girls only, you’ve got the widest selection of 8 cheongsams, 7 flare baby cheongsams, 3 Tinkerbell dresses, 4 Sarah dresses, 2 Twinkle dresses, 2 halter tops and matching white pants!

If you’ve got boys only, you’ve got 8 shirts and 5 bermudas to choose from!



The Sibling Sets





Everyone I’ve talking to / texting says they will probably go with a gingko set for CNY Day 1 and Pandas for CNY Day 2!  Before you decide, here are some other options you can look at!

Set 1.jpg

Set One – A panda cheongsam,  a Sarah dress in red gingko leaf and a pretty normal non-CNY outfit with turquoise yinghua! 



Set Two – A popsicle cheongsam,  a Sarah dress in cherries and a Twinkle dress in Blue Satsuki

I could go on with multiple options but I think I shouldn’t confuse you any further!


The collection launches online at 9 p.m. on Wed 21 Dec 2016 and at the Elly store at Cluny Court at 10 a.m. on Fri 23 Dec 2016. 

From 9 p.m. on 21st Dec to 9 p.m. 31st Dec 2016:

  • Use the discount code CNY2017 to enjoy 20% off our new Ladies Top.

If you’ve got queries about our collection, do check our FAQs to see if you can find your answers there! If not, do drop us an email (enquiries@ellyloves.com) or Facebook message and we’ll respond as soon as we are able to.


Happy Shopping!!

x, Audrey

Designing Elly’s CNY 2017 collection

I’ve just spent days staring at the CNY pictures from The Studio Loft wondering how I would tell you about the past few months worth of stories which culminated in this large collection, all in one blog post.  There’s so much to say!

We started working on this CNY collection in June (way before we started working on our Holiday 2016 collection which you can read about here).  Coming out of CNY2016, it was always going to be hard to do something different again. CNY2016 was about embroidery. We wanted our 2017 collection to have two distinct looks – a luxe collection and an everyday collection.  Two looks to give you a good variety to select for each day of Chinese New Year (and this year there are 3 days)!

The Luxe collection

Without hesitation, Carol knew she wanted gingko leaves as a theme because it was traditional and yet when drawn as an outline, it looked modern. I guess you could say the luxe gingko collection is the “Carol” part of our team.  She loves pretty florals and traditional colours and trims.

Gingko trio.jpg

The result as you can see is really something different.  It’s something you can wear not just for CNY, but suits any other formal occasion too!

introducing gingko.jpg

Our new Sarah dress design!

We’ve been known for our jade buttons on our Cheongsams, which have always given them a touch of luxury. In our luxe collection this year, we used gold foil and gold piping for our gingko prints, which just brings them to a whole new level of luxe!  The best thing is that for us, luxe doesn’t mean expensive.  We are keeping our prices for the luxe collection the same as the rest of our collection so you don’t have to think twice about buying them as gifts or as extra dresses for day two or three!  Just like anything else that is precious, you need to treat these pieces with gold foil with extra care – you must only lightly hand-wash and iron on the reverse with a cloth over it.

Our luxe collection comes in three colours for the Cheongsams- red, turquoise and fuchsia, and two colours for the Mandarin-collared shirts – red and turquoise. Moms can also choose from red and fuchsia for their matching Ladies’ Tops!  (P.S. If you’re buying our outfits for a CNY Family photoshoot, the red gingko leaves and pandas photographed really well in our studio shoots.)

To cater to tweens who might prefer not to wear dresses, we’ve designed a halter top in two colours. You can get light cotton pants from us or wear them over a pair of leggings or jeans.  Your tween can dress them up or down according to their mood!


Carol’s second theme was cherries and birds.  We didn’t like the solid red / round / symmetrical cherries you commonly find on fabrics, especially nearing Christmas. We wanted a faded vintage look and we added a touch of gold foil so that the birds would shimmer in the light. I love how special this fabric turned out with the highlight of gold foil on what would otherwise be a normal cotton fabric. Subtle luxe!


In keeping with our luxe theme, Carol and Stacy handmade gingko leaves and painted individual squares of our rainbow wall sets for the shoot and our store display.  I love how our sets bring out the prints so clearly.  We can’t wait to show you our pictures from The Studio Loft taken specially by Maryann and her team!


Rainbow wall.jpg

The Everyday collection

Of course, we can’t forget the fun part of everyday Elly  – the crazy fun that we, as a family, are sometimes all about. When we started to think about designing this year, we realized that in our earlier days, a lot of what we designed had been inspired by Lil S, before Lil E came along. Even this year our Holiday collection (which you can find here) was inspired by Lil S soon becoming a tween. So we thought it was about time Lil E got a collection inspired by her! She inspires us all the time anyway with her constant laughter and crazy antics.

So this year, we chose “pandas” as our theme.  Yes, PANDAS! Although I bet some of you were thinking I’d choose Pokemons (if you heard how Carol and I went abit mad playing Pokemons back in September, even making our staff follow us at lunch to catch Dragonites and Snorlaxes near our office at Bukit Merah and Telok Blangah Hill Park)!

So why pandas?  Because earlier this year around the time we were designing this collection, Lil E was crazy about pandas!  We brought her to a toy shop at Serene Centre and the ONLY thing she wanted from this huge toy + Lego shop were two tiny pandas which she could hold in her hand.  (Ok luckily that makes her more affordable between my two nieces to bring on outings since that present cost me only $6. Haha.)  For days, these two pandas followed her around in her chubby little hands. She would hold them in the car, to Grandma’s house, to dinner and ever so often, would ask, “Where my panda?” whenever she couldn’t find them.

So we thought it would be so fun to have them on our cheongsams as our theme this year!  But because pandas are black and I’ve been told by customers that grandparents can be superstitious about wearing black on the first day of CNY visiting, we needed to include festive colours and other themes! So our panda prints come in two colours – with a bright red or a blue lattice!

Panda teaser.jpg

When this print was first drawn, we showed it to Lil E and asked if she liked it. She excitedly got down on her mat and showed us the panda’s poses (because “Eme panda”).

Panda pose 1.jpg

Panda pose 2.jpg


Safe to say, I think she liked the pandas!

But pandas alone were not going to be enough.  As you know, Elly is about variety as well so you can choose your entire CNY wardrobe from us!

So what else does Lil E like?  Ice-cream!!!  She has such a happy face whenever she gets to hold a cone!

(I know what you’re going to say… bad auntie… ice cream is a terrible bribe!  But how can you say no to that face???)

So for our final print for CNY2017, we decided to put together a combination of what Lil E loves – pandas and popsicles.  And this is what we got:


We played around with the Pantone shades on the actual piece to ensure the grid didn’t obscure the popsicles on the fabric.  I think the finished fabric has just the right effect to ensure there is not too much white on the dress. So there you go – the final product.


Side note:  I was having fun during the shoot with this tua pao which I asked Hayley to gamely pose with (much to my prim and proper older sister’s horror).  Before that, I tried asking two other children but got snubbed by them because, well, I guess the bao is so uncool… Hayley on the other hand hammed it up for the camera and got us such adorable pictures!

As always, we will have four other prints from the U.S. joining our CNY collection. Do note that only the blue satsuki print comes in a cheongsam design. The other four have been made in our everyday dress designs – so you’ll have a variety of options for CNY Days 1, 2 and 3.

The others.jpg

The best news this year is that we will have bigger sizes for boys (finally)!  Our shirts and bermudas will go up to sizes 8Y, 10Y and 12Y.  Instead of just our usual red or white, we will have four new colours of bermudas so you can mix and match!  I find yellow and chambray a really nice departure from the usual red and best of all, these new colours will be usable every day of the year, and not just during CNY and National Day!

Older boys finally.jpg

Because this collection turned out to be massive with the increased number of sizes, designs and prints, we didn’t have time to run the Chinese knot buttons or the sling bags and clutches which we had last year.  Instead, moms can choose from four ladies’ top designs to match their children.  Look out for our launch promotion in our CNY 2017 FAQ  here.

We hope you’ll find something you love! Look out for the complete album on 19th December on Facebook and our blog.

Ladies Top Fuchsia Leaf 1.jpg

When we look back at all the stories in getting this collection (and the Magic collection and the Holiday collection) completed this year, it is impossible to jot down in one blog post how we feel – the constant vacillation between the feeling of accomplishment and of failure, of joy and of tears, and so many moments where your heart is on the table – that, is the difference between running your own business and working for a large corporation. This is our heart on the table.

We proudly present Elly CNY 2017 – Spring – launching online at 9 p.m. on 21 Dec ’16 and in-store at 10 a.m. on 23 Dec ’16.  

x, Audrey

Campaign shot 1.jpg

Elly CNY 2017 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I order your CNY2017 collection? 

ONLINE – The collection will launch online at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, 21st December 2016.

RETAIL STORE – If you’re looking for Christmas presents, limited pieces of our collection will be available at The Elly Store from 10 a.m. on Friday 23rd December 2016.  If you’re expecting to pop by the store on the 23rd, we may not have all the pieces and sizes available but will be happy to mail the pieces you have bought once they are available.

The full collection will be available in store on Monday 26th December 2016.  If you are not in a rush to give these as Christmas presents, we would strongly encourage you to shop online.

2. Where is your retail store? 

#02-31/33, Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760.  (Cluny Court is next to the Botanic Gardens MRT station on the Downtown line and Circle Line.)  Click on this link for information on parking at Cluny Court.

Our store opening hours are:

10 am – 7 pm Mondays to Saturdays
10 am – 6 pm Sundays

3. Do you have any stockists for your CNY2017 collection?

Yes!  From 27th December 2016, part of our collection will be available at Motherswork at Great World City #02-16.

4. I have purchased your CNY2017 collection online.  Can I opt for store collection? 

Yes you may opt for store collection (no shipping code needed). We will only start packing online orders from Tues, 27th Dec 2016.  You will be notified via email when your order is ready for collection in-store.  We expect to take between 3 – 5 working days from 27th December 2016 to pack your order. If you are looking to give these as a Christmas present any earlier, please purchase it directly from our store on or after 23rd December 2016.

5.  I have purchased your CNY2017 collection online and have opted for Smartpac or courier delivery.  When can I expect to receive my order?

We expect to only start packing online orders from Tues, 27th Dec 2016 and expect to send out all your orders within 3 – 5 working days from 27th December or from receipt of your order, whichever is later. You will receive a tracking number once the item is in the post or with the courier.

Customers in Singapore will usually receive their packages within 3 business days after the package is in the post and international customers can expect to receive their packages within 7 – 10 business days after shipping.

If you have selected delivery option “express courier service”, your delivery may arrive the day after it has been picked up by the courier at any time between 9am – 10pm.

If you have selected delivery option “standard courier service”, your delivery may arrive 1 to 3 business days after  it has been picked up by the courier at any time between 9am – 10pm.

Please ensure that there is someone available to receive the item.

**NOTE: Our courier is currently experiencing delays during this peak season and may take up to an additional 2 days to deliver your parcel.  If you need your order urgently, please visit our store at Cluny Court to make your purchase.

***NOTE: We have limited current stocks of turquoise gingko leaf Cheongsams, Sarah dress and Mandarin-collared shirts (all expected delivery end Dec ’16) as well as baby rompers (expected delivery second week of Jan ’17). If you have bought any of these items online, you will only receive your items once all your items are available.  If you would like those available to be shipped out first, please process them in separate orders.

6. Do you have a launch promotion? 

Just for the launch week from 9 p.m. on 21st Dec til 31st Dec ’16, you can enjoy 20% off any of our new Ladies’ Tops.

If you’re shopping online, key in the code CNY2017 when you check out to enjoy this launch promotion!

7. How long do I have to complete my online order?

60 mins.

8.  Do you allow exchanges once an online order is made? 

Yes. Only for full-priced items.

  • All exchanges must be made within 14 days of date of purchase and in-store with the item and invoice/receipt/gift receipt.  All items must have all their tags on, must not have been used/worn or washed, and generally be in a re-saleable condition.
  • Exchanges may be made for any item in-store (i.e. different size of the same item, or another item).  Alternatively, you may also opt for store credits which must be used fully within 3 months from the date of issue.
  • On the rare occasion that the full-priced item purchased is defective, we will first offer to swop the item for another piece of the same item.  If that is unavailable, we will offer a full cash refund to you.

We do not offer exchanges or refunds on any sale/discounted item.  Please check all purchases for defects carefully.  Please note that if you are buying a sale item as a gift, the recipient will not be permitted to exchange the item.

9. Is fabric material the same as the CNY2016 Blooms and Brollies and CNY2015 Home collection? 

Yes for the 7 Elly-designed fabrics, although the fabric used for turquoise gingko leaves and cherries is lighter and more sheer than the rest of the collection.

10. Are the designs and cutting the same as the CNY2016 Blooms and Brollies  collection?

  • Our new flare cheongsam will be available in larger sizes from 1 to 3 years.
  • Our mandarin-collared shirt and boys’ bermudas will be available in larger sizes from 8 to 12 years.  We didn’t make size 7Y this year so our last year’s size 7Y shirts and bermudas are this year’s size 8Y.
  • Our Tinkerbell dress will be available in one larger size (i.e 8 years).
  • Our boys’ bermudas will be available in five (yes 5!) colours.
  • We have a new sleeveless baby boy romper in jersey fabric available from 3 months up to 18 months.  This design is only available at launch via pre-order – stock will only arrive in-store in the second week of Jan 2017.
  • We have a new dress design called the Sarah dress.  It’s especially designed for children who would prefer not to wear cheongsams for CNY.  It is also dressy enough to be a CNY Day 2 or 3 outfit. Available from 2 Y to 12 Y (in even sizes only).
  • We have two new halter tops and matching white island pants designed especially for tweens. Available from 2 Y to 12 Y (in even sizes only).
  • We have added 2 cm to the pit-to-pit measurements for the Ladies’ Tops in all sizes. We also have a new size in XL. Do note that the Ladies’ Tops will only be available in 4 of the 7 Elly-designed prints.
  • Unfortunately, this year because we had such an extensive collection with larger sizes for shirts and bermudas, more colours for boys’ bermudas, tops and pants for girls and more dresses, we were unable to produce matching kids’ sling bags and ladies’ clutches.  Moms still can match their children with the Ladies Tops!

Please check all measurements carefully before you make your purchase.

11. Can we try the pieces before we order online?

If you’d like to try the clothing before purchase, we recommend that you drop by our store anytime from 10 a.m. on Friday 23 December 2016 once the collection is launched.  Alternatively, please check the measurements of each item carefully before making your purchase online.

12. Do you have the measurements of the collection?

Specs chart.jpgThe chest and length measurements will also be uploaded on our website when the collection is launched.  Just click on the product you are interested in to check the measurements.  We would suggest comparing our specs against a dress or shirt your child is wearing now to see how the size compares.

If you require any other measurement not already provided, it is best to go to the store to try on the outfit.

13. You have not answered my Facebook message / comment / email / call. When can I expect  response? 

We apologise that during peak season, we are unable to respond to queries regularly or on a timely basis.  We will try our best to address all queries which have not been addressed in these FAQs as soon as possible. Please check these FAQs first to see if you can find your answers here!  We will continue to update the FAQs regularly as we receive your queries.

14.  I haven’t been able to purchase an item because it is sold out online. Will it be restocked online?

The item could have been placed in someone else’s shopping bag, and will remain reserved for up to one hour. Do refresh your cart and try again later.

15.  If I haven’t been able to purchase an item because it is sold out online, will I still be able to purchase it in-store? 

We have set aside a full set of the collection for the store launch on Friday 23 Dec 2016 but pieces are limited so do come early.

16. What sizes are available for your outfits?

For girls:

  • Flare Cheongsam: 3 months, 9 months, 1 y, 2 y, 3 y
  • Girls’ Cheongsam: 1 y, 2 y, 3 y, 4 y, 5 y, 6 y, 8 y, 10 y, 12 y (8Y, 10Y and 12Y only available for ELLY prints)
  • Tinkerbell dress: 1 y, 2 y, 3 y, 4 y, 5 y, 6 y, 8 y
  • Sarah dress: 2 y, 4 y, 6 y, 8 y, 10 y, 12 y
  • Twinkle dress: 1 y, 2 y, 3 y, 4 y, 5 y
  • Halter tops:  2 y, 4 y, 6 y, 8 y, 10 y, 12 y
  • White pants:  2 y, 4 y, 6 y, 8 y, 10 y

For boys:

  • Baby boy romper: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months
  • Mandarin-collared shirt: 1 y, 2 y, 3 y, 4 y, 5 y, 6 y, 8 y, 10 y, 12 y
  • Boys’ bermudas: 1 y, 2 y, 3 y, 4 y, 5 y, 6 y, 8 y, 10 y, 12 y

For moms:

  • Blouse: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Please note that the Sarah dress in Turquoise Gingko Leaf is not going to be available at all and the Sarah dress in Cherries will not be available in sizes 6Y, 8Y and 10Y. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Available sizes.jpg

17.  How do we understand your sizing? 

If your baby is an average 1 year old, we would recommend you order Size 1 Y if he/ she is between 12 months and 18 months. If he/ she is between 18 months and 24 months, you should order 2-3 Y.  This is only an approximate guide. We would recommend that you check the measurements carefully.

Our size labels may refer to 1 Y or 1-2 Y.

18. How do you care for the clothing? 

We recommend cold hand wash with very mild detergent.  Rinse until water runs clear then gently wring out each garment before hanging.  Do not soak, bleach or tumble dry.

It is the first year we are printing with gold foil. Because gold foil print is very delicate, you will need to iron on reverse on low heat with another fabric over it.

The gold foil fabric is also lighter than our normal cottons. As a result, it crumples easier than our normal cottons.  At our photoshoot, we hadn’t realise that the standing steamer wasn’t able to iron this fabric so the gingko leaf clothing in our pictures were crumpled.  We’ve attached a sample of our cheongsam in turquoise gingko leaf when you use a press iron (on the left) and a steam iron (on the right).  Still, this fabric is lightweight and more difficult to handle than our normal cottons so please be mindful of this before purchase.

ironing difference.jpg

19. Do you take reservations? 

We apologise that we are unable to take reservations for our CNY2017 collection.  Please purchase the items directly online or in-store.

20. What are your store holiday opening hours?

Our store festive opening hours are as follows:

  • Sat 24 Dec ‘16 – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Sun 25 Dec ’16 – Closed
  • Mon 26 Dec ‘16 – 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Sat 31 Dec ’16 – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Sun 1 Jan ‘17 – Closed
  • Mon 2 Jan ’17 – Closed

~ The Elly Store ~

Christmas Gift Ideas

Visit our store at #02-31 Cluny Court (next to the Botanic Gardens MRT) for your Christmas needs! Find all kinds of toys, art frames, buntings, books and of course clothing and shoes! We offer gift wrappings services as well so you can make Elly your one-stop shop!


Baufix Crane


This toy crane is perfect for the growing boy toddler – satisfy their curiosity and intrigue with this Baufix crane construction vehicle! Comes with a handy dandy toy wrench to piece the solid wooden parts all together, teaching the child to develop creative thinking skills and useful hand-eye coordination!


Automoblox Mini Emergency Response Line 3-pack


Entertain your toddler with Automoblox award-winning rescue vehicles – now available in a multi-pack of mini versions! Not only are they made of high quality European beech wood, these toys fit perfectly into the palm of your toddler. Furthermore, the universal connector system allows a quick interchange of parts, creating multitudes of car styles and a lot more fun!

Crazy Forts Glow In The Dark


Assemble and build fun structures of endless possibilities out of your own imagination – and they glow in the dark too! Simply add bedsheets to simulate an indoor tent! This is sure to entertain the children for days on end.


Kid O Maracas (Ages 1+)


Start your child’s musical career early with a pair of maracas – they will surely enjoy the rhythm and shake of these fun musical instruments! Sized perfectly for small hands, this promotes independent growth and learning via decoding of different sounds.


Jellycat Medium Bashful Bluebell Bunny


Gift children with a hop and a skip from this adorable, fluffy bunny made by Jellycat! This indigo bashful bunny has many other bunny friends, as well as other animal buddies ranging from unicorns, puppies and even dinosaurs! Snuggly and warm (not to mention, incredibly soft ears!), this soft toy is sure to keep the children happily tucked in bed with sweet dreams.

You can also shop our Jellycat range online!


Trumpette Johnny Pop Baby Boy Socks (0-12 months)


This is the perfect Christmas gift for baby boys – 6 pairs of adorable socklettes designed for those not old enough to wear shoes! Featuring anti-slip grips on the soles, these bright neon high-top tennis shoe socks is the perfect combination of style and function packaged in a beautiful gift box.


Manny & Simon Wooden Duck Push Toy (6 months +)


Quack quack! This eco-friendly duck push toy is contemporary and brightly coloured, featuring an easy grip handle for little hands. Made with reclaimed wood and non-toxic paint, this is perfect for the little toddler.


Buddha Board, Enso


The Enso board is a unique gift, encouraging young creative minds to explore and create masterpieces on this whiteboard. Paint on the surface with water and watch your design come to life with broad strokes! As the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear, renewing a clean slate for you to create again. Celebrate expressions of the moment with the Buddha Board, and promote environmental consciousness with the lack of ink, paint and chemicals!


Janod Kubix Wooden Blocks, Letters and Numbers


This is the perfect educational toy for growing, learning toddlers – featuring a different number and letter on all six sides of a block, they vary in upper and lower cases as well! This set of 40 brightly coloured wooden blocks are great for children to learn to recognise letters and form different words.


Art Frames

$60 (Small) / $80 (Large)

Accentuate and add a personal touch to your room with an art frame and add a pop of vibrance to the scene! Display your favourite photos and artworks and surround yourself with smile-inducing momentos.


Jellycat Unicorn Family Set :

  • Huge Bashful Unicorn $111.90
  • Small Bashful Unicorn $27.90
  • Magical Unicorn Dreams Book $29.90
  • If I were a unicorn… Book $ 22.90

Bring endless delight to children this Christmas with the Jellycat Unicorn Family Set! With its pink and white fur and magical shimmery horn, Bashful Unicorn is a sugary-sweet delight to have! It will win any child over with its cuddly and squishy soft nature. Pair it with the matching Jellycat books to discover a magical unicorn world as they drift soundly to sleep – perfect for bedtime stories! Furthermore, the pink ‘If I were a unicorn…’ board book features a variety of textures and colours to allow interactive learning and oodles of fun!

Shop Jellycats online!


Meri Meri Alphabet Buntings and Ribbon

$4.80 each

Decorate your child’s room with Meri Meri’s adorable alphabet buntings! Mix and match the pennants to create a special message, your name, initials, or just a pretty garland! These are extremely easy to put together and allow endless possibilities, making the perfect gift for widdle hands this festive season!

See you soon!

x, Audrey

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Elly – Holiday 2016 collection

It was right around this time last year when we opened Elly number 2 (or larger Elly). Just when we thought we were settling down, we leapt into our expanded shoe range with 11 shoe suppliers and a whole host of other new products we were finally able to stock with the larger space (which meant even more suppliers, more sale reports, more re-ordering etc).  The one thing we didn’t have time to focus our energies on was our clothing, which was rather ironic.  At some point, we promised ourselves to re-focus our energies this past twelve months.  To be honest, there was a point running a retail front (actually two!) and an online store started to wear us down, especially when we were having to design our own clothing plus manufacture plus constantly manage inventory for thousands of SKUs in a retail front that had to stay open for 362 days a year.

So, we sat back down and re-prioritised how we worked, what we did, what we didn’t or shouldn’t be doing; and the most wonderful thing that came out of re-prioritising was first of all, really being able to go on breaks without carrying the burden of work through the holiday and that meant being more energised to come back and pick up where you left off. It also meant being able to take the time to design our pop-up store at the recent Boutiques, work with bloggers, do professional photoshoots again, make our own props and of course, design more collections like this one.

In previous years, we skipped Christmas collections because Christmas was / is too close to Chinese New Year (when we normally launch our largest collection in the year). But this year, we thought it would be a good change to have a sea of blues, whites, blacks, cream or pastels and turquoises before the CNY red hits the store.

We wanted this Holiday collection to be special. We were so busy just “doing” anything and everything to keep our store going that for awhile, it stopped being fun. We stopped doing what we loved (i.e. designing, pouring through fabric catalogues regularly, being able to spend time conceptualising and creating) and it stopped having meaning to us. (Yes I’m an idealist about life having to have some meaning.)  So I roped in family members to help me brainstorm. This collection we worked with Lil S and a cousin from overseas – you’ll see how Lil E influences CNY2017 when we blog about that in December.

We chose the Love and Hearts theme. Why?  Because in the many years before her mei mei came along, Lil S would have sleepovers at our house and she would always leave notes for us to find if we were away or if we didn’t come home early enough to say goodnight to her. They would be stuck on our walls with a lot of tape!  The top left one she did years ago but the bottom right one, she just wrote for us yesterday when she spent the day at my house being baby-sat.  She has formed smiley faces with the peas at the Japanese restaurant and then made me take a picture to remember our solo dinner date. She asked for heart balloons! If these hearts do have smiley faces, I noticed she draws the eyes with long curly eyelashes (like the pokemon goldeen).

The hearts did stop for awhile when Lil E came along. We found it harder to reassure her that she wasn’t being neglected especially when everyone would rush to cuddle the baby wombat. It’s been tough putting time aside to spend with her now that she’s in primary school. We can’t just take off randomly like we used to when we first started.  Our week days now are crazy intense and relentless.  This year, I didn’t even get to spend her birthday with her until dinner because we were at Boutiques fair all day.

In June, I told her to draw something for me.  If she worked hard at it, I would print it for her on a tee and it would be her design.


So, this tee is by her, for her.

Her dad remarked that she’s been “promoted”. No longer just a model, now a designer too! You should’ve seen her face when she saw the finished tee for the first time. She grinned like a cheshire cat.

Why black? Because this 7 year old is starting to look for black tops. She scoured our tween store, Twelve by Elly, and remarked there was no black for her!  I don’t know why they start this early because I remember turning grunge-y only in Secondary 3!  But just as she likes black and wants to attempt to look cool in hip shorts, she’s still young at heart and loves long skirts and being a girly girl.

So we created this collection carefully to cater to the girl who’s struggling so hard to want to be like the “big girls” but really, is still only 6, 7, 8.  Our tween is a ready-to-wear shorts and tee child, just as she is a twirly girl with fairy skirts and long twirly dresses. We deliberately didn’t design themes or allover colourful prints and kept our designs classic, understated and extremely easy to mix and match because our next collection (CNY2017) will be all about prints.

We’ve styled this Holiday collection quite deliberately to pair tank tops with tulle skirts and shorts and to include turquoises and fuchsias alongside blacks and whites. Our collection is meant to be worn after the Holiday season – for school holidays and also for weekends when school re-opens.  Our skirts are just as versatile for dressing down after the festive season!




So whilst we designed matching onesies and rompers so babies could match their older siblings, the inspiration behind this collection was the tween we had started this label for many years ago. You can find love and hearts in all shapes, sizes and forms!


And, to complete our collection, we roped in our young cousin who is a truly talented artist to draw this print for us. She is hard at work in college and we hope she pursues art because talent like this is a rare find. I hope she never stops dreaming.



Yes there are days I feel like that clown with the party hat. Most of the time, we feel amazingly inadequate with designing, IT technology, accounts and well, basically everything we are confronted with every day. But hey, you should never stop dreaming.


x, Audrey

(Photo credit: The Studio Loft)

Celebrating Another Year and an Anniversary Online Sale

We missed our one year anniversary of “New + Double Sized Elly” at #02-31 last Monday on the 14th of November 2016.  Yes, I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record whenever I say it was a busy week!  We were chugging along dealing with new stock, our holiday shoot and a host of other things on our “To Do” list. For a fleeting moment I remembered I wanted to do an anniversary post on instagram and the next thing I knew, it was 5 days later. I guess most people say that’s the fun of running your own business!  You get a constant stream of different things to immerse yourself in so every work day is different.

New + Double Sized Elly has brought a different set of challenges this past year!

We now have 11 shoe brands to manage, which means a lot more suppliers, sales reports and tighter inventory management.  In the first few months, we sold out our clothing at a much faster rate than we anticipated so we had to scale up our manufacturing.  It’s also been more difficult to play around with a larger space in terms of constantly trying to refresh our store design and put in seasonal decoration!

But the good that has come from expanding is that our team has gotten bigger and we’re having a lot of fun doing what we do each day.  For the first time, we’ve launched a holiday collection from ages 3 months up to 12 years!  This collection is filled with pastels and blues quite deliberately to give everyone a break from the red hues that will fill our store during CNY. We also wanted to present a collection that’s just as gorgeous for girls as traditional pinks and show that blue can be beautiful for girls too!  This collection will launch online next week so look out for it!  In the meantime, if you can’t wait, you can pop by the store and start shopping immediately!



But let’s reserve the new holiday collection for a different post!

 This post is about New + Double Sized Elly turning one and celebrating it with an online sale!

Yes you heard right! It’s Black Friday this week and we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate just about everything!  We want to empty out our warehouse shelves to make space for CNY 2017 so here’s what you can expect!

Meduse Sun Sandals $28 now $15


Lacey Shoes $119 now $68

Lacey White LARGE.jpg

Maxomorra Pyjamas (Short-sleeved $50 now $30 ) / (Long-sleeved $62 now $35)


Expect prices of $5 / $10 / $15 / $20 etc for our *FINAL CLEARANCE* items!  

We’ve also put last pieces of shoes and clothing on Final Clearance under the Sale section so you’ll have lots of products to comb through!



For three days only, enjoy 20% off ALL our full-priced shoes online – just use the code TAKE20 when you check out!  Lots of customers come back to buy another pair of shoes their children have grown to love – find our staple shoes online, such as Sienna sandals, ballet flats from Old Soles, Converse sneakers, Livie & Luca shoes or Saltwater sandals! Now, you can shop online and buy the next size up without coming down to the store!

The easiest way to shop online is by category – our shoes are split up into girls (0 to 6 years and 6 to 12 years) and boys (0 to 6 years and 6 to 12 years)!  Add shoes from any of these categories, or the main SHOE category which lists all the shoes we carry alphabetically – the code will work on all SHOE categories online from now till 23 November!  We’re giving blog readers a headstart so you can start shopping tonight from 9 p.m., Sunday 20th November 2016!

Get a pair of ballet flats for Christmas or just glamourous sneakers for tweens which double up as chic weekend shoes for the holidays!

Best of all, we offer free standard 1 to 3 day courier for orders over S$100!

**Just to note that all sale items are not exchangeable or refundable so do check the sizes carefully before purchasing!  This Anniversary Sale and special TAKE20 code are only valid online, and not in-store! 


x, Audrey